Sunday, July 17, 2011


©Katelyn Demidow 2011
 We've all had those moments in life where we feel so utterly alone in the world.
The world is flying past us and we are standing still, holding on for dear life.
Cold and still. 
Listen to the world for cues.
Cues to slow down.
Cues to revisit the past.
Cues to cry.
Cues to heal.
Cues to move forward.

There will be someone to help you up when it's your time to come out of the darkness. A hand to hold. A hug to heal. We are never truly alone even if sometimes it feels that way. When you open yourself up to people you will be surprised who is there to see you through life.

There will always be someone to love.
There will always be someone who loves us.
With all that they are.

It's hard to see while you are in the midst of lonliness.
Just open your eyes a bit wider.
Open your heart.

Please, if you pray, pray for a friend of mine. 
Send loving vibes.
Send thoughts of healing.
Peace and Love.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baxter's Homebirth

I've been wanting to "break into" birth photography for some time but never had the opportunity. When I started going to my midwife she herself was pregnant and we got to chatting about me training to be a doula, etc. She didn't need the doula aspect but wanted me to videotape her birth. When it came down to it, it ended up that I got my chance to do birth photography. Rebecca was a bit on the fence about birth photography but trusted me to do my thing and never even let on that she was uncertain about how photos would turn out from this night. I got a call around 9:30pm on Friday night saying she was in labor and that he (her husband) would call me back when they felt I should head on over. From what I picked up from bits and pieces of conversations her labor was moving along smoothly, albeit rather quickly. I got a call around 10:30pm saying I should start making my way over. I'll have you know that the drive from my house to hers is 15 minutes with no traffic which there was none of. As I got the the door her daughter let me in saying, "Mommy just pushed out Baxter!" So within that 15 minutes her labor ramped up through transition and delivery. I didn't quite make it but I stayed for a few hours after to get some shots of the family welcoming in the new baby.

photos © Katelyn Demidow 2011
I am officially in love with birth photography.
The atmosphere.
The love.
The new life.
The empowerment of the momma.
Seeing a mom turn into a "momma lion" to protect her new little one.
It's all so lovely.
I can't wait till I can do it again!

Peace and Love.